Arguably the safest, most effective medical intervention ever devised. It has been administered to billions of people around the world for over two hundred years. Vaccination has -quite literally- been responsible for saving millions of lives and preventing billions of cases of harmful disease.

The aim of this blog is to provide parents with factual information about vaccination, and to refute the wild inaccuracies promulgated by the small but vocal anti-vaccination lobby.

About the Author

My passion for vaccination came soon after the arrival of my son, when while researching the subject I came upon the heartbreaking story of Dana McCaffery, and the growing campaign to stop the misinformation of the deceptively-titled Australian Vaccination Network. The AVN and similar fringe groups attack vaccination using false and manipulated information, while avoiding any attempt to back their claims with valid scientific evidence.

Comment Policy

Comments on this blog are moderated. I welcome debate, and as such comments which disagree with the post will be published (so long as they are factual and not abusive or derogatory). If you wish to post information contradictory to that in my post, please include legitimate references to support your statements. Comments containing un-referenced claims or  those that use “conspiracy” or disreputable sources (eg: Whale.to) may also not be published. I’m not here to debate whether the “US Government or Big Pharma are out to reduce the world’s population”, I’m here to provide (or debate) legitimate scientific and medical information on vaccination.


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